お知らせ – お知らせのカテゴリ – 北海道日米協会

5/18/’23総会・講演Costco河端健善代表General Assembly 



For the first time in three years, General Assembly and Evening Dinner without mask was held in a happy mood in Rm. Kinshi at Sapporo Grand Hotel.

After opening remarks by Acting President keigo Iwata, Vice President Masahiro Sasahara proposed Kanpai cheers.

スピーカーは本協会の会員でもあり、アメリカに本社をもつ「コストコ」(COSTCO)の札幌倉庫店代表の河端 健善氏に「COSTCOのビジネス戦略」について、パワーポイントを使用したプリゼンテーションを行った。参加したある会員は「大規模店舗のCOSTCOの世界ビジネスの戦略と日本国内、それに北海道の店舗のユニークさなどのついて興味深い秘話について知ることができ、勉強になった」との感想を頂いた次第である。

Mr. Takeyoshi Kawabata, a Warehouse Manager  of COSTCO Sapporo was a guest speaker. His presentation which focused on  COSTOCO’s global strategy, tother with strategies implemented in Japan  and  in  Hokkaido was very vivid and informative  as well.  One audience said, ” I learned a great deal out of Mr. Kawabata’s presentation. I was very much struck by COSTCO’s unique business and hidden stories of COSTCO.”



3/23(Thu. 午餐会)木下英臣・共同通信札幌支社長Pres. of Kyodo Sapporo Media Press

2023年度の「春の例会・午餐会」が3月23日(木)に京王プラザホテルで開催された。ゲスト・スピーカーには、共同通信社(「世界の共同」)の 元ワシントン支局長を務め、現在、同社札幌支局長の木下 英臣会員に、首都土ワシントンから観た日米関係、政治風土・日米文化の相違、さらに今年行われる米国の中間選挙について、パワーポイントを使用し語って頂いた。


We were pleased to welcome as guest speaker for the spring luncheon on March 23rd (Thursday) Mr. Hideomi Kinoshita, Managing Director, Sapporo Regional Office, Kyodo News — one of Japan`s most famous, influential, and respected news agencies domestically and internationally.

Mr. Kinoshita provided an engaging talk about his numerous experiences when he was stationed in Washington D.C. as Bureau Chief. He wrote a large number of reports during the Obama Administration and covered President Donald Trump’s inauguration, showing us his photos of the president being sworn in—photos taken from his unique vantage point in the press section.

Mr. Kinoshita also spoke about the current state of American politics, sharing behind-scenes stories of the political culture and climate at not only at the White House but also in the U.S. congress. Especially regarding the sharp divisions between the Democrats and Republicans. He looked ahead to 2024 and the mid-term congressional elections, mentioned possible presidential candidates for the Republicans (Trump, his former VP Mike Pence, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former UN ambassador Nikki Haley) and speculated on who among the Democrats (VP Kamala Harris, California Gov. Gavin Newsom) might run should President Joe Biden decide to retire after one term.

Mr. Kinoshita’s talk was warmly received, and the audience learned a great deal from his stimulating and detailed his presentation.


2/9/’23(Thu.)エマニュエル駐日米国大使(Ambas.Emanuel)歓迎新年祝賀午餐会New Year Luncheon inviting U.S. Ambassador Emanuel


On February 9(Thu.)at the Sapporo Grand Hotel, the America-Japan Society of Hokkaido(AJSH) was proud to welcome U.S. Ambassador Rahm Emanuel as a special guest speaker for New Year luncheon meeting.

It may have been a cold, snowy Hokkaido February day outside, but inside, an audience of more than 100 gave him a warm and hearty reception.

聴衆一同が関心を持ったのは内容の濃いエマニュエル大使の講演であった。特にに 大使は、世界はコロナ危機が勃発した3年間の内にロシアがウクライナに侵攻したり、気象変動も経験し、世界の地政学と国際関係が大きく変わったこと。しかし、他方、インド太平洋時代の日米関係はこれまで以上に政治、経済、文化交流の面において新たな協力関係と同盟関係が強化されつつある事を力説。例えば、かつては(1980年代)世界のトップを走った日本の半導体産業が凋落の道を歩んだが、今年から日米がスクラムを組み、世界をリードする新たな半導体事業を転回する事を表明された。

The audience was impressed with Ambassador’s speech on U.S.-Japan relations. The Ambassador touched on fostering new types of diplomacy and national security in the Indo-Pacific region and expanding economic and business ties in a world that has greatly changed over the past three years, since the covid pandemic took hold. By working closely with U.S. semiconductor industries starting 2023, Japan can recapture its statues of a leading edge semiconductor  manufacturing country.

大使は、今後、友好親善と民主主義に基ずいた強固な日米関係を構築してゆくのは、日米の高校生、大学生を含む次世代の若者であり、彼らがそのカギを握っている事も強調された。特に、その可能性と潜在力を兼ね備えているのは北海道である事も明言された。 参加者たちはエマヌエル大使の素晴らしく示唆に富み、かつダイナミックな講演に魅了された。

Ambassador Emanuel also emphasized the importance of educational and cultural exchange programs between Japan and the United States among younger generations, particularly at the high school and collegiate levels. He noted they hold the key to realizing better, more mutually beneficial future relations in many fields. Hokkaido, he added, has great potential to play an important role in that future.


大使は伊藤 義郎会長に「『北海道スタイルのおもてなし』で歓迎頂き、大変想い出深い楽しい一時を過ごすことができ感謝します」と新年祝賀会の感想を述べられた。

Participants were enchanted by his brilliant, informative, and dynamic speech, often laced with humor. It was followed by a famous group of Tsugaru Shamisen(a three string Japanese banjo) performers who won the first prize in Tsugaru Shamisen contest. The group performed traditional Japanese folk songs as well as the famous American gospel song “Amazing Grace,” along with a Shakuhachi ( Japanese bamboo flute) player and drummer.

Ambassador Emanuel told Mr. Yoshiro Ito, President of AJSH, that he appreciated “Hokkaido hospitality,” and enjoyed every minute of the New Year event. We wish him the best of luck!


11/6(Sun.)’22 American Culture Night「感謝祭」Thanksgiving Tradition「アメリカン・カルチャー・ナイト」米国の伝統行事

   今年最後のイブニング・ディナー講演会には、「アメリカン・カルチャー・ナイト」と題うって、本協会の新メンバーで元札幌市役所の国際課で勤務経験のある企業家のジョシュア・クロッツさんにアメリカの伝統一大行事の「感謝祭」Thanksgiving の歴史と伝統についてパワーポイントを使用し、紹介して頂きました。

    On November 6(Sun.) Joshua Crotts, a new member who used to work for International affairs section at Sapporo City Hall, gave us a talk with fine visual power point materials on American’s great family event “Thanksgiving Tradition.”


「感謝祭」はリンカーン大統領によって、11月の台4木曜日に設定されました。当日は、友達や家族、周りの人たちと過ごす大事な日で、ニューヨークのメ・デパートが主催する「感謝祭パレード」が有名です。感謝祭の次期は、最も忙しい旅行シーズンでもあり、人びとは、ディナーを楽しむため、家族や親戚、それに友人等を訪問するために国内を行き来します。 余暇として、フットボールの試合を観たり、想い出に話を咲かせ、懐かしかんだり、最近の身の回りのニュースの情報交換などをしたりします。加えて、アメリカの全州では、恵まれない人びとの為にも、各組織で、またコミュニティで慈善的に「感謝祭」の食事を提供するのが習わしとなっております。According to Joshua, Thanksgiving holiday is the most joyful and wonderful time and the biggest eating holiday of the year—a particular time for food, family gathering reflecting on all the things and food they all grateful and thankful for. It was originated by the Native Americans as a harvest festival. It was in the fall of 1621, early settlers from England called “pilgrims” celebrated their first harvest in Plymouth in the New England sharing the turkey, potatoes and stuffing, pumpkins, corns, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and the like.

Joshua also mentioned that thanksgiving is celebrated in many ways ranging from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan, New York, dedicating time, friend gathering called “Friendsgiving,” enjoying each other’s company to watching football games. In the spirit of giving thanks and helping others, many organizations and communities in the United States hold annual food drives—providing packaged food items and warm meal for those who are in need.



9/15(Thu.)’22 道産子高校生、米テキサス州ヒューストンの世界ロボット大会出場Hokkaido born high School students competed at Houston’s International Robot Contest after Hawaii!

9月15日(木)に札幌パークホテル「エメラルド」で開催された夕方例会では、今年4月に米国テキサス州のヒューストンで開かれた「国際ロボット競技会」に、日本を代表し、見事、初出場の快挙を成し遂げた札幌圏の道産子高校生グループ”Yukizaki Technology”の世界大会の(その前のハワイ地区予選における勝ち抜き大会も含む)映像を含めた帰国発表会を開催。


On September 15(Thu.), we invited two groups. One group was “Yukizaki Technology”—-made up of Hokkaido born “Dosan’ko” 3 senior high school students representing Japan (NOT Hokkaido). They took part in International Robot Contest held in Houston, Texas this spring after visiting Hawaii where they demonstrated a high performance. It made it possible for them to move onto Houston’s international event.

Another guest was Mr. Mark Wuebbels–newly appointed Principal Officer at U.S. Consulate General, Sapporo. He gave a few words, and he will make a presentation sometime next year.

We wish them the best of luck!