The America-Japan Society of Hokkaido(AJSH)Since September 6,1954 – 北海道日米協会

Friendship beyond the border
The America-Japan Society of Hokkaido


About the AJSH

The America-Japan Society of Hokkaido (AJSH) was established on September 6, 1954 for the purpose of fostering exchange between Japan and the United States in the fields of economics, business, culture, education, science and others -expanding circles of mutual understanding and friendship which go beyond national borders.


Join our meetings

We hold bi-monthly meetings and other events. Anyone interested in our programs can join us. We invite guest speakers who talk on such subjects as U.S.-Japan relations, business, and cross-cultural interchange. Join us now and enjoy meals while meeting with the AJSH members and guests!


Luncheon Meeting

Members & Guests ¥3,500


Evening Dinner

Members & Guests ¥5,000
Donations of wine or other alcohols are very welcome!

The Next Meeting is:

NEXT MEETING: July 28(Thu.6:30 p.m.) Sapporo Park Hotel
Sapporo Park Hotel(1st FL. at Park Terrace) ¥5.000
Summer Evening Dinner with Glen Fukushima, Predident Obama's Brain, Former President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan & the Funder of -fulbright Glen S. Fukushima--Scholarship Sapporo's high school students who won and took part in World's Robot competition


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