The 3rd International Youth Forum,Sapporo on Nov.5(Sun),2017

2017年11月5日に京王プラザホテル札幌にて、姉妹州のマサチューセッツからのゲスト・スピーカーをお招きし,北海道日米協会主催「第3回 国際ユースフォーラム札幌大会」が開催されました。お陰様で盛大なうちにIYは終了しました( 当日の様子については 下記の写真を御覧下さい。(On the IYF activities, see the photos below.)

先ずは,御協力下さった共催の北海道国際交流・協力総合センター(HIECC),後援の在札幌米国領事館,伊藤組100年記念基金,それに協賛の北海道コカ・コーラボトリング株式会社, 株式会社ロイズコンフェクト,サッポロビール株式会社,株式会社いまい,加えて,協力団体の京王プラザ 札幌,札幌国際プラザ,SEAには心より御礼申し上げます。

また,今回のIYFに参加下さった北海道札幌国際情報高校,清田高校,北嶺中高等学校,札幌第一高校,札幌聖心女子学院高校,北海道インターナショナル・スクール(HIS)の先生方と生徒さん,それに選抜された大学生達(北海道大学,札幌大学,札幌科学大学,藤女子大学・他)hokkaidou と道日米協会の参加者にも,心より感謝申し上げます。最後に,IYF札幌の布施正樹(実行委員長),小笠原はるの(副実行委員長),小林俊三(メディア企画担当),バリー・ラツリフ(北海道インターナショナルスクール校長),高橋稀典・対木孝成・渡辺慶人ら青年部会委員にも御礼申し上げます。

The 3rd International Youth Forum(IYF), Sapporo was held on Nov. 5 at o Keio Plaza Hotel,Sapporo–inviting a special guest from our Sister State, Masachusetts .

Profound thanks go our to the HIECC(co-sponsor), together with  The U.S.Consulate General,Sapporo, The Ito Gumi  Foundation. We also would like to extend our thanks to the follwoing  supporters: Hokkaito Coca-Cola Bottling Co.Ltd, Sapporo Breweries Ltd, Imai Ltd. as supporters. Keio Plazsa Hotel,Sapporo, Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation, and SEA coorporated us a great deal.

Most of all, our deep apprecaiations go not only to high school students and teachers of —Hokkaido Sapporo Kokusai Joho high school, Kiyota high school, Hokurei junior-high school, Sapporo Daiichi high school,  Sapporo Sacred-heart girls high school—but also to HIS students and  and selected members of college students rainsing from Hokkaido University, Sapporo University, Hokkaido Kagaku (Science)University, Fuji Women’s University,etc. and the AJSH members-—- who actively and vigorously participated in the IYF this year.  We’d like to thank Mr. Masaki Fuse(Director of IYF), Dr. Haruno Ogasawara(Vice Director of IYF), Shunzo Kobayashi(Media&Planning), Barry Ratzuliff(Head Master of HIS), Mr. Maresuke Takahasih, Mr. Takanari Tsuiki , Mr. Yoshihito Watanabe.

ゲストにはドキュメンタリー映画「Paper Lanterns」のプロデューサーでボストン日本協会名誉理事長であるPeter Grilli(ピーター・グリーリー)氏を迎え、学生とのディスカッションにも参加していただきました。グリーリーさんからは,今回の日本訪問で最高の想い出となり,啓発された札幌スタイルの国際ユースフォラム(IYF)の感想が届きました。IYF札幌スタイルについては,ボストン日本協会,アメリカ,東京や京都の日米協会多数の関係者達にも紹介された。

An invited guest speaker was Mr. Peter Grilli,a movie producer and  President Emeritus of Japan Boston Society,–from our Sister State Massachusetts. Peter-san visited here with his wife Suzan, and Mrs. Kiyoko Morita,Director of the Mass-Hokkaido Soceity in Massachusetts also joined the IYF.  His presentation based on the documentary film dealing with the 12 American prisoners of war in Hiroshima “Paper Lanterns” allowed  the young participants and other participants to re-consider the meaning of  not only “Peace” through education and dialogue, but also the importance of cross-cultural dialogues through cross-cultural intercahnge and educational program like the IYF,Sapporo. It was a fun and memorable event– invititng friends from Massachusetts.

Dear Friends: (a part of Peter Grilli’s letter  from Boston)

…..We also enjoyed many wonderful reunions with Japanese friends, visiting their homes or meeting over dinners, catching up on news both political (mostly terrifying) and personal (inspiring and enriching).

High on our list of memories of the trip was an International Youth Forum in Sapporo, where a screening of “Paper Lanterns” to about 200 high-school and college  students launched a fascinating three-hour discussion. Meeting with students in breakout groups, both of us were moved and inspired by their responses to the film, involving  aspirations for the future of Japan and their concerns about nuclear weapons.  

Despite the daily threat from North Korea, a short distance across the sea from their homes, these students were unanimous in wanting Japan to be nuclear-free. Inspired by the film, their comments extended far beyond their own country: all people throughout the world should cherish peace, free from threats of another terrible nuclear bomb…(Peter Grilli) 

The above is the summary of Mr.Peter Grilli who reported the successful Sapporo way or style of international youth forum to his friends and assciates at members of  Boston Japan Society, America Japan Societies of Tokyo and Kyoto.